Achieving Success Through Market America

Market America Unfranchise provides systemization management systems and merchandising and marketing tools to help with growth and opportunity for those looking to own business in multiple locations. The Unfranchise label on Market America sets it apart from regular franchises due to no franchise fees, monthly royalties, territorial restrictions, and minimal startup expenses. Anyone looking to be apart of Market America can earn income through Market American Web Portal or be creating a sales organization. The Market America website carries a variety of products for anyone to purchase such as t-shirts, baseball caps, water bottles, banners and magnets, and notepads and journals.

Jim Winkler, the vice president of Sales for Market America, has a Basic 5 series, where he discusses the importance of a positive attitude and knowledge to become successful. One of the core beliefs mentioned by Winkler is staying connected with the Market America community. This means keeping up with Market America’s features and news by checking out JR Ridinger’s blog. Staying connected also means making weekly calls to one’s senior business partner and attending meetings and conferences. Winkler also states that people willing to become successful have that mindset that they’re willing to do anything to reach their goals. Success doesn’t come with a person when they come out of the womb, it’s something you take years working towards until you get there and more