Andrew Rolfe has used the Life-Changing Ubuntu Education Fund to Positively Impact Lives

The recent Ubuntu Education Fund Charity gala in conjunction with Andrew Rolfe managed to raise £603,000, which translates to R10 million in South Africa. The money will go to helping disadvantaged children in Africa and expanding the capacity at the Ubuntu Education Fund’s Port Elizabeth Campus. Some amount will be used to improve the pediatric clinic associated with the institution.

Capacity of the Ubuntu Education Fund

The organization serves more than 400,000 disadvantaged people in Africa, from its small pool of resources and workforce. Their programs have given prominence to health and education from childhood to the time one attains their career. Assistance was expanded to the areas of HIV, nutrition, homes, and water once they realized people needed much support than was hitherto being given.

Real-life story impacts

More than 300 well-known philanthropists and socialites from London attended the Fund gala and were welcomed by the Chairman, Andrew Rolfe. The personal story of Sinesipho Rabidyani captured the hearts of the audience. Hers was a childhood bedeviled by a father who was a notorious alcoholic, a problem, which almost denied her the opportunity to pursue her educational endeavors.

Upon becoming an Ubuntu Scholar, she received psychological and mentoring support. It went a long way in seeing her get admission to law school and assisting her mother to move away from the abusive patriarch. Her story encouraged an auction on three packages by Nelson Makamo, which raked in £33,000.

The chairman, Andrew Rolfe concluded with an inspiring speech. In his speech, Rolfe indicated that Ubuntu Education Fund had grown to sponsor 2,000 homeless children in Port Elizabeth alone. They have continued the good work in providing quality nutrition, HIV support, vocational training, and teen mentoring programs.

A look into Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is the Ubuntu Education Fund Chairman and the Managing Director of the Tower Book Capital Partners. He studied Business Economics and Administration at the Harvard Business School and graduated with a Master’s Degree in 1992. Rolfe has another Master’s degree from St. Edmund Hall in Oxford and an Undergraduate degree from the University of Oxford, class of 1988.

Many companies have benefited from Rolfe’s leadership. J. Jill, True Religion Apparel, Inc., Beverages, and many more others are some of the businesses that have taken advantage of the innovative leadership, skills, and expertise of Andrew Rolfe. More should be expected from this organization and its powerful leader.