Brian Bonar Given New Award

Brian Bonar is a very famous and successful businessman. He is also a finance executive who has done very well in his career. He is the leader of Trucept and Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has a lot of knowledge in business leadership, and this explains why his

Brian Bonar went to James Watt Technical College for his university education. He got his Bachelor’s Degree from this college, specializing in Technical Engineering. Afterward, he went for his Master’s Degree at the Stafford University.

While undergoing his studies, he learned how to build successful business structures that work perfectly. With this technical background, it was easy for the finance executive to succeed in his career. Today, he uses this experience to run the Dalrada Financial Corporation. He serves as the chairman and CEO of the successful organization.

Just recently, Brian Bonar was given a new title. He is the Cambridge Who is Who Executive of the Year in Finance. This is a great honor for the finance executive who has spent his career working hard to improve the industry. To be included in the Cambridge Who is Who Registry is a tremendous honor.

Every year, only two female and two males are selected for each disciple for the executive of the year. The selection is usually done by the Cambridge Who is Who section Committee. The nominees are selected according to their academic achievements, professional accomplishments, and leadership abilities.

Brian Bonar received the honor because of various reasons. He has worked in the professional management sector in the finance industry for over thirty years. He was appointed to oversee the primary operations in Dalrada Financial Corporation because he was qualified. He has worked in this company for more than a decade as chairman and CEO. At this company, Brian Bonar is in charge of the employee and employer benefits, and he also takes care of the aftermarket products.

Dalrada Financial Corporation is an institution that serves as a Marketing Liaison, providing its customers from all parts of the world with various employee programs that have been proved to increase their efficiency at the end of the day. The company provides programs such as risk management insurance, employee benefits, promotional and business management programs and financial management.

Apart from being the CEO and Chairman of the financial company, Brian Bonar is the President of Smart-Tek Automated Services. He is also the chairman of the company, and he has played a significant role in its success. Brian Bonar is the CEO of Allegiant Professional Business Services too. Bonar has been able to balance his demanding career and personal life perfectly, thanks to his background. He is one of the few professionals who are affiliated with the respected organization known as the American Finance Association.