Bridget Scarr Opens Up about Her Secrets to Starting a Business

In order for the economy, employment and trade to grow, the creative sector has to be a large part of the equation. In the past 10 years, many people have traded in their traditional jobs in healthcare and other industries for positions in the creative arena. If you are going to start a business that uses your creative skills rather than the knowledge that you get from school, you will need to approach the process differently. The best plan is to implement my following five steps before you start your business:


Make Observations.


The truth is that several other writers, directors and designers are also getting into the business at the same time. Therefore, your skills are already available in the work force. For example, it’s not hard to find a graphic designer because there are so many advertising their services. You would increase your value by promoting yourself as an interactive media designer who has the capability to provide digital effects, animation and sound.


Reach out to other professionals in the industry that you would like to join. Find out what they are doing and how they are providing their services. Then, determine what you can offer customers that is different from what the rest have to offer. Ask yourself what the industry needs at this moment. Find out what isn’t being done in your industry and then highlight what is different about your business. This would be an excellent place to start.


Create a Brand.


You have individualized your creative plan. Now, you can develop your brand. Branding requires that you use a website and social media to bring your ideas and your individual approaches to your business to light. It’s not expensive at all to set up a website, and to keep costs down as low as possible, you can offer to provide a service for someone in exchange for web services, such as creating a personalized logo.


You will need a logo, business email, business cards and a web page so that you can begin to build your social media channels. Your business email should also match your website. LinkedIn is a good place to start. Take full advantage of this platform by entering as much information as you can. Then, select one other platform. Twitter is a good choice because it takes the longest to build. You will be able to add your information, but don’t forget to add color as well.


Produce Content.


“Color” is another way of saying “content.” You wouldn’t think of asking your friends to come to your house for dinner only to sit them down at an empty table. Similarly, you can’t ask people to visit your website and not show them anything interesting. Those who use social media tend to be capricious. If your website is under construction when they visit, they will not return later.


If the market is saturated, you will need to present your work to the public to help your business appear legitimate. You will only need a couple of posts, but I had 100 published articles before I began to promote my website. If you can’t produce something new, take an article from your archives and then update it for the current project. You will spend the most time on this step, but it is by far the most important step.


Make Plans.


Now that you have a brand, it is time to plan. Create a list of people who would be interested in your services, such as particular companies, clients and agencies. For writing, I have a list of editors and publications who may like my writing style.


Calculate the amount of money you will need to make in the first three months. You will need to know how much time it will take you to reach this amount. Be aware that creative slumps will occur, but you can plan for them. You can set up a savings account for the times when there is less work, or you can take a job to supplement your income.


Make Connections.


Check your Facebook connections and your email contacts to find other creative people who need your services or are in a position to help you. You can make an announcement in a status update, and an email message will let your friends know about your new website. This will be the beginning of a following for your new business.


Once your website is supported by your social media platforms, you can begin to contact the major players in your industry if you have something consequential to offer.


About Bridget Scarr


Bridget Scarr is a Content Creator, Singer-Songwriter, Executive Producer and Writer. She spent 15 years as an Executive Producer and worked in television, animation and advertising. She has worked on the creative side of the entertainment business and has been in charge of several teams that included as many as 220 people. Along with the creative side of things, she has also taken part in the technical side. The many productions that have her name on them form a wide range of projects, such as factual entertainment, lifestyle, entertainment, children’s animation and drama.


It wasn’t enough for Bridget to work on other people’s creative projects because she had so many ideas of her own. So that she could be in charge of content creation, she started Colibri Studios where she is at the head of content development. In this role, she spends her days working with creative talent, project partners and international broadcasters to develop her latest projects.


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