Achieving Success Through Market America

Market America Unfranchise provides systemization management systems and merchandising and marketing tools to help with growth and opportunity for those looking to own business in multiple locations. The Unfranchise label on Market America sets it apart from regular franchises due to no franchise fees, monthly royalties, territorial restrictions, and minimal startup expenses. Anyone looking to […]

SahmAdrangi Investment Advancing the Fight against Corporate Frauds

SahmAdrangi’sKerrisdale Capital Management is estimated to have raised about one hundred million dollars from investors to bet against a single stock. This is according to a source that is familiar with the situation. The investment is the first of its kind. It raises money that is used to fund particular investment thesis. This includes recovery […]

Logan Stout Revolutionizing Health and Wellness Through IDLIFE

When Logan Stout founded IDLife in 2014, no one expected that in less than three years the company would feature among 100 leading multi-level marketing companies around the globe. Stout’s decision to start IDLife, a customized nutrition company, was informed by his conviction that health and wellness are primary to being a functional member of […]

Magnises Brings Millennials An Impeccable Connection To High-Quality City Life

Magnises was established with the aim of helping millennials to create an impeccable network. With their personalized black card services, Magnises are getting young officials access to special events as well as deals. Magnises is offering services to their elusive but aspirational customers aged between 21-35 years. They are providing a go-to concierge platform that […]

Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners raise over $22K for Uncommon Schools of New York

Dynamic Search Partners and Keith Mann have held a fundraising event at the Standard Beer Garden Hotel for the Uncommon Schools. The financial service community members have combined forces to raise more than $22,000 for the Schools. The raised funds will be used in sponsoring low-income students for the 2014-2015 end of year examinations and […]

The Life and Career of Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando has been a founder of various companies in his illustrious career. Currently, he is the chief executive officer of Scoutahead. Before the Scoutahead venture, he had founded the Chopper trading company where he was also the chief executive officer. He founded the chopper trading in the year 2002. He is currently based in […]