Darius Fisher Gets The Nod From The PR World Awards

The PR World Awards are not just given out to anyone. An awards recipient positively must do something incredible to be given the award. Darius Fisher is one person who is going to be handed an impressive award. “Business Development Individual of the Year” is the name of the honor. And it truly is an honor to be given an industry award of this stature.

Darius Fisher has done a lot for his company. Status Labs, the reputation management firm, has grown far beyond even the most optimistic of expectations. Since the company’s founding in 2012, 1,500 clients have sought and received help from Darius Fisher and the staff of Status Labs. Those clients are found all over the world. The Austin, TX company is now a major part of the local business community. New offices were opened in New York and San Paulo. Under Fisher’s management, the staff in both New York and Austin grew so much both offices had to relocate to larger facilities. And today, the company has experienced a 900%+ increase in revenues since its 2012 launch.

Darius Fisher’s work has garnered the attention in many people in the digital marketing industry. Reputation management is a wing of digital marketing and public relations. Darius Fisher had previously worked as a copywriter so he does understand good marketing principles. Actually, he is exceptional in his skills as both a reputation fixer and a business manager. The positive sentiments of the employees who work for the company reveal this to be true.

Darius Fisher is not likely done as far as receiving awards goes.

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