Doug Levitt Puts Together The Greyhound Diaries

While Hollywood often puts out entertainment in the form of wild and crazy stories, there are much more interesting stories. These stories are often that of Americans, particularly those that are struggling. Doug Levitt himself has seen the inspiration as well as heartbreak that could come from the stories that each struggling American could tell. Doug Levitt is not only seeking to put these together for his book which is called The Greyhound Diaries, he is also using them as inspiration for his songs. Among the plans that he has is bringing more attention to the struggling Americans and showing them as human. It is also meant to help America rediscover itself.

Doug Levitt has traveled on the Greyhound Bus for seven years putting together his book of experiences that he has gained from people he has talked to. Among the most interesting stories he is putting in his book comes from times of crises. These stories go into how people are handling the times of crises. Doug will include a wealth of stories from times of national crises like 9/11 and the economic downturn. These stories of struggles involve Americans of all walks of life. Among these stories are commonalities that can remind people that are running things of the world that they are trying to forget.

The Greyhound Diaries is looking to be a very interesting book that will capture the imagination of people form every walk of life. People will find a part of each story that will speak to them personally. Doug Levitt has a lot of experience that has given him a lot of insight and wisdom. Among the things he realized is that the reason one think he does something and the actual reason he does something is not always the same. Among the things that influenced him was the desire to do something about the poverty in the country.

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