Eric Pulier: Technology And Beyond

Eric Pulier is an American known, entrepreneur, columnist, philanthropist, published author currently based in Los Angeles California. He is a founder of more than fifteen companies in which he has earned them millions of dollars. Mr. Pulier’s successful life is seen right from his early childhood. He was raised in New Jersey and began programming at fourth grade. As soon as high school Eric Pulier started a database company. He went to Harvard in 1984 where he studied English and American literature. He was an editor and wrote for the Harvard Crimson column. He took classes at a neighboring school and graduated in 1988.

Pulier started his career life when he moved to Los Angeles in 1991. He founded a company that addresses healthcare and education called people doing things PDT.He founded interactive agency digital evolution In 1994 which merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. He has ventured in a lot of companies to date. Examples of companies he has founded or co-founded include US interactive media, Digital evolution, Desktone and enterprise cloud leadership council. Pulier has also invested in organizations such as eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Monitor Ventures among others. Recently he has invested in another firm which is yet to be announced.

Mr. Pulier has also actively participated in philanthropic activities. Most of his activities involve the use of technology to help people either solve their problem and make their life better through an understanding of their life situation. Pulier innovated one of the first multimedia educational program for the multiple sclerosis societies to understand their disease. In 2010 he was honored for bringing innovations to the healthcare needs of Africans in an event where he attracted a packed house of paid donor attendees. Eric Pulier is also known as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, founding donor of ACE Foundation, a financial donor to the Xprize foundation. Board member of the painted turtle among other charitable organizations.

Pulier is also an author. One of the publications is Understanding enterprise SOA, which he co-authored with Hugh Taylor. The publication teaches technologists and business people service offering and how to think about technology differently. His other publication is The Enterprise Industrial Complex. Mr. Pulier currently lives with his four children in California.