George Soros and his Role in Politics

It was 1930 when George Soros was born in Hungary’s capital city Budapest. During that time, Hungary was under the rule of a communist dictatorship. The political situation on Politico was the reason why Soros had a hard childhood. Jewish people were the major target of the regime. To save the family, Soros’s father forged documents and hide family’s identity. When Soros was seventeen, he luckily fled to England. After a while, he managed to get admission in LSE on He realized during his studies that he finds financial investment to be very interesting. When he was done with his studies, he decided to move to the United States. His parents were already living in New York City as refugees when he arrived there. Since then he worked hard, and today he has a strong role in politics.

George Soros is the one who founded International Investment Fund that influences regional politics. He has a philanthropic mindset, though. In more than hundred countries, his funded Open Society Foundations are working. These foundations promote human rights, open society, transparency. Billions of dollars are funded by these foundations.

George Soros has indirect involvement in the politics of the United States. He funded a huge amount of money to Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. On December 2016, a conference was organized after Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the presidential elections. George Soros and several Democrats attended the conference. Trump’s victory on Snopes in the presidential election and gearing up for elections in two years was the main agenda of this conference. According to George Soros, the current situation is not good for country’s vision for just society.

During the meetings, it was assessed that what should be the role of Democracy Alliance (DA). The DA’s beneficiary groups and donors were shaping institutions and orienting organizations to favor Hillary Clinton. The plan was to bring out women and minorities to affect presidential elections which would favor Democrats. Unfortunately, the plan did not work. The white working class of America became the strength of Donald Trump. It was analyzed that why DA could not use issues like money in politics and climate change to bring out voters.

Democracy Alliance was created by George Soros in 2004. Different donors joined him at that time to support John Kerry. Despite using millions of dollars, Kerry was not able to win against George W. Bush. Now the donors are focusing on developing groups who would indirectly work for the Democrat Party. They will work as independent entities who would push the Democrat politicians to the left. At the same time, it will be their job to defend Democrat Party against the right. Besides George Soros, there are more than hundred donors of DA. Each of them contributes a huge amount every year. They also donate thirty-thousand dollars for the salaries of the staff and meeting expenditures. The alliance has invested a huge amount in groups that influence American media. Clinton’s allies are the people that are running these media groups.