James Dondero and his Collaboration with Linda Owen

When it comes to asset management, no company in Dallas comes closer to what Highlands Capital has managed to do. This is a progressive company that has laid its focus on providing the best experience to its clientele. As a result of this, it has witnessed great expansion in the recent past. This explains the recent suggestion to have it team up with other companies that support the same course. One of the companies that fit into this category is Woodlands Rodger Park Foundation under the leadership of Linda Owen.

In its bid to provide a more focused direction in its philanthropic activities, Dondero through Highlands Capital have seen the need to partner with Linda Owen. Through his partnership, Linda will act as the charitable giving manager. Jim believes that Linda is a dedicated professional who will help deliver the objectives of the company and enable it have a greater impact in the community. Linda is known to have a good track record when it comes to public partnerships. He shares the same visions for the company, thus making Jim look at this as the right direction for the company.

Through its constant growth, Highland capital has contributed about 3 million yearly to charitable organizations. Most of these has been channeled towards the support of veterans, healthcare, education and The Dallas community. This is an inspiring undertaking considering the fact that most of the organizations its supports benefit not only through funding but also the time and energy that the employees put by coming up with creative solutions to improve the course.

James Dondero, often proudly referred to as Jim in other quarters is the Founder of Highland Capital. He has dedicated himself to serve the community through his philanthropy. He studied accounting and finance from the University of Virginia.
With over 30 years in investing in credits and equity markets, he believes that the world would be a better place if we focused more on investments and caring for those in need. His company has grown tremendously due to his vast experience and expertise in the financial field.

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