Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an Agricultural Business Specialist

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a famed businessman who comes from the South American nation of Venezuela. He’s a busy professional who firmly believes that politics is so crucial that it shouldn’t ever rely on the minds of politicians. Gonzalez’s work is in the agricultural field. He used to work as the president of FEDECAMARAS, also known as the Venezuelan Federation of Chambers of Commerce. FEDECAMARAS is made up of 12 trade sectors. These many sectors include manufacturing, transportation, tourism, mining and construction. Agriculture, of course, is one of FEDECAMARAS’ divisions. Although Gonzalez previously served as the organization’s president, he no longer is part of it. He has a newer position with the state of Guarico’s National Assembly. He works as a deputy.

As an employee for the government in Guarico, Gonzalez is equipped with the support of numerous different parties. These various parties include COPEI, Cuentas Claras, CONDE, Causa R, MOVE, UNTC, UNITY DR and MPJ.

Gonzalez believes that national agreement is the solution for Venezuela’s problems. He believes that this type of agreement and unity will be the sole way to fix everything for his nation. He thinks that national agreement may be able to pave the way for a better future for people of upcoming generations in the country. He wants to do whatever is necessary to get Venezuela out of its current rut. Jose Manuel Gonzalez also wants to do whatever is necessary to guarantee proper governance for the nation. He states that Venezuela as a whole requires economic expansion and peace. Gonzalez also thinks that economic expansion requires making sure that members of society are active participants. He wants to end the poverty cycle in the nation by getting rid of populism and giving people access to work opportunities. Gonzalez firmly believes that justice and freedom are keys to getting Venezuela back on its feet again.

Gonzalez has a full-time position with the National Assembly. Although he easily admits that he occasionally finds his job rather difficult and taxing, he also admits that his journey has been absolutely indispensable. Gonzalez has a brother by the name of Ruben.