Keith Mann announces a new scholarship

Keith Mann is the leader of Dynamic Search Partners, a premier executive search company. His skills as a business leader have allowed him to rise to the top of the business community. Keith recognizes that education played a huge role in his success, and he has put great effort into giving back to the educational community.

Keith Mann gives back in several different ways. He currently works with Uncommon Schools, a chain of successful charter schools throughout the northeast, to ensure that children throughout New York City receive the best possible education. He cares deeply about the Uncommon Schools mission, and he funds a great scholarship for graduates in the New York area.

Mann is excited to fund the Keith and Kelly Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This scholarship is meant to reward students that could form the next generation of innovative business leaders. Keith has awarded the scholarship for several years and each scholarship recipient has gone on to do great things.

Applying for the Scholarship requires several simple steps. First, students that want to receive the application must complete a 1,000-word essay. In this essay, they must lay out how earning a degree will help them achieve their professional goals. Once the essays are submitted, Keith personally goes through each essay and determines the student that will benefit most from his assistance. The winner receives $5,000 that goes directly towards their college education.

Keith is a strong believer in the power of an education. As the leader of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith regularly locates leaders that can take their new companies to new heights. Each leader he identifies has benefited considerably from having a great education.

Keith chose to work with Uncommon Schools because they are committed to serving low-income students. The chain of charter schools is committed to helping low-income students get into college, and be in a position to succeed while they are in school. He believes their mission will help students grow for years to come.

Keith Mann is a brilliant business leader and his commitment to giving back is second to none. Mann hopes to work with Uncommon Schools for years to come.