Kevin Seawright’s RPS Solutions Helps Baltimore Residents Buy Homes

The Baltimore area has long been in need of an economic boost to fundamentally improve the lives of its citizens, both in urban centers and surrounding neighborhoods. One way the average person contributes to their local economies is through the purchase of a home, which is likely to be one of the largest, if not the largest, financial investment they will make in their lives. Knowing this, and having made a commitment to the development of the city’s economy, Kevin Seawright‘s partnership venture RPS Solutions has made an effort to connect applicable buyers to affordable homes in the Baltimore area.

Seawright, who founded the venture in 2015, did so with the explicit intent of revitalizing Baltimore’s economy through its housing market. What RPS Solutions does is identify those who are seeking homes but also have the ability to withstand what can be a grueling process to go from seeking to owning. In time, Seawright hopes to boost Blatimore’s percentage of home ownership higher than were it currently sits, at approximately 48.3%, and he intends to do so starting with the Belvedere Square area.

Seawright has stated his admiration for Belvedere Square and what it can offer the citizens of the city when trying to find a home that is both stable and beneficial to them, on a personal and financial level. Getting more people interested in moving to similar regions is crucial if RPS Solutions is to achieve its goal of increased home ownership.

When considering how home ownership impacts the local economy, Seawright said on Twitter the benefits it provides neighborhoods and the people who make up the surrounding disparate communities. By having a company that can provide real estate solutions to them, entire neighborhoods could be transformed as more people make an informed investment to call those places home.

RPS Soltuions acts as something of a mediator, getting mortgage lenders to notice prospective home buyers, and involving themselves in construction and development projects that make affordable and attractive homes soon to be ready for purchase.

Kevin Seawright has made a career in project management and accounting and has worked for firms in several states, though a large portion of his career has been spent in Baltimore and the DC Metro area, both for private companies as well as local governments.

In 2015 he founded RPS Solutions, a partnership venture that renovates old homes for purchase with the goal of increasing the number of home owners in the city of Baltimore.