Logan Stout Revolutionizing Health and Wellness Through IDLIFE

When Logan Stout founded IDLife in 2014, no one expected that in less than three years the company would feature among 100 leading multi-level marketing companies around the globe. Stout’s decision to start IDLife, a customized nutrition company, was informed by his conviction that health and wellness are primary to being a functional member of the society; also being an accomplished athlete, Stout understands the benefits of good health.

His approach to attaining good health is unique as it seeks to offer solutions to nutritional needs of each individual as opposed to a group of people. The company has received endorsements from respected members of the society such as Jen Wilderstrom and Troy Aikman. Recently, the company announced their partnering with Garmin, a leader in the wearable fitness device industry; IDLife members are set to experience the highest level of customized nutrition.

One of the many ideas that made Stout start a personalized nutrition company is his love for sports. Beginning in high school, Stout demonstrated that he was on his way to becoming one of the country’s outstanding baseball player. Although he also played basketball and even got awarded “Most Valuable Player” title (sometimes shortened to MVP), Stout went the baseball way; he became a professional baseball player participating in 17 World Series events either as a coach or as a player.

Having amassed experience from being a player and a coach, Stout decided to establish Dallas Patriots baseball organization. Stout believed he could use his knowledge of baseball to develop novice young players to professional level players. The organization has been successful in its mission as many graduates end-up playing high school level baseball which is considered a gateway to higher professional levels of the sport.

Stout is also passionate about personal empowerment. He believes in motivating people to achieve their goals. He authored a book, “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams,” meant to motivate individuals to work towards being the best version of themselves. He has partnered with John C. Maxwell to help motivate people.

Stout is a dedicated family man with a wife and two sons. His family resides in Frisco, TX.

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