Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Bradesco

Trabuco is the president of Cappi Bradesco. The insurance company has been the largest in Brazil since the year 2013.His name is always known when it comes to the activities of financial market and Bradesco. Also, he is known for taking the position Cypriano.

He has been in the Bradesco for 40 years. Consequently, he started as a clerk and did not know much about the bank. He later became in charge of a group investment bank. Trabuco came to Bradesco after purchasing of the national credit bank in the year 1997. During his nomination, he was on the appointment list together with vale president Roger Agnelli. However, Agnelli was nominated to be in charge of vale Bradesco which is a branch Bradesco.

Then Trabuco was in charge of Brandao. Since Trabuco was born there, he was in was conversant with the culture of the place. So he did not have a problem adjusting to the culture. Therefore, his name was to get approval in the first meeting of the council. After two years he moves to Sao Paulo where he worked in the headquarters. His growth did not stop there, and he became the director and later as the president of Bradesco private pension company. He also had a position as the member of the board of trustees. The outgoing president Cypriano has been in charge of the bank for ten years.

During his tenure, the president heavily invested in opening branches. Due to this investment, the level of credit was double. Apparently, Cypriano was 65 years and could not be in a position to exercise his executive duties appropriately. At first, Cypriano wanted to change status so that he can remain the president but was getting some challenges facing Bradesco. That is when the board decides to renew the command. The bank has only been the largest bank in Brazil. However, it lost in position to Itau Unibanco.

Apparently, Itau Unibanco has the intentions of becoming the major Brazilian Multinational in the financial sector. The upcoming commercial was able to surpass it, and it became the leader in the banking industry by the assets. It expanded to the point of even surpassing Banco do Brasil. Maintaining market leadership was one of the most important things in Bradesco and losing it could have a significant impact on the bank. Apparently, there are few options left for the bank to grow in the country.

The other challenge that Trabuco will face is that he will assume the presidency when the environment is unfavorable. The level of activities in the country is going down, and this is likely to have an adverse impact on the balance sheet. Also, the loan growth will be meager compared to any other year. Also, the increase in the branch will also be affected. Although the bank has lost leadership to the private banks, it is still destined to be one of the long-term in Brazil.

Trabuco has an excellent humor, soft talk, and a broad smile. Apart from that, he is married with three children. In most cases, bankers graduate with the administration, economics, engineering, and accounting. However, Trabuco is different because he graduated in philosophy from the University of Sao Paulo. He later did his postgraduate studies in socio-psychology at the school of sociology in the same university. He was persistent in his work and that how he was able to rise through the ranks. Apart from that, Trabuco has a firm belief in the role played in the insurance sector. Insurance has an important part in the development of the economy.