Magnises Brings Millennials An Impeccable Connection To High-Quality City Life

Magnises was established with the aim of helping millennials to create an impeccable network. With their personalized black card services, Magnises are getting young officials access to special events as well as deals. Magnises is offering services to their elusive but aspirational customers aged between 21-35 years. They are providing a go-to concierge platform that has proved significant in connecting millennials with new acquaintances, top notch products, and business professionals. With their personal level of relationship with their clients, Magnises are able to provide relevant and highly customized recommendations.

Magnises has gained traction among young professionals. It is currently in Washington D.C and New York City but plans to expand to more in the coming year. The exclusive Magnises black card gets you perks like discounts at restaurants, clubs, bars and unique experiences inclusive of private concerts as well as prestigious getaways. The card is linked to the client’s bank for payment services. However, the perks that come along with it is what makes it a favorite. Billy said that their majority of members were millennials who were working in different sectors such as fashion, finance, arts, tech as well as marketing at

The founder of Magnises, Billy McFarland said that Magnises is built to connect Millennials both online and offline. In 2016 Magnises are also launching their feature called ClubPass, this is going to help members get guaranteed access to exclusive nightclubs at a fee of 65 dollars a month on HotelPass, another Magnises feature helps its members to stay at The Dream Hotel’s New York locations at 79 dollars a night. This is a fantastic offer considering that rooms in the hotel start at 245 dollars a night. This way Magnises is helping producers to access their target demographic and get them inside the door. Other big names like Samsung and Tesla have also shown interest in utilizing the producer-consumer connection that Magnises offers.

The success of Magnises has considerably been shaped by the innovativeness, creativity, and talent of its founder Bill McFarland. The American tech pioneer is also reputed to have founded another firm called Spling, which he still serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Billy has had a lifelong passion for bringing connection amongst various communities and industries, at the age of 13 years, He founded his first company, which connected interested customers with designers on He has over the years earned a reputation as a mastermind, ‘techwiz,’ and ‘natural entrepreneur’ for the role he has played in connecting millennials in a way that enhances their city lives.

Magnises has been able to create a network of over 6000 members in their primary markets of D.C and New York. They are on an ambitious plan to be in 10 cities in 12 months and on a global scale by 2020. Magnises also offers businesses a unique medium of exposure to its clients. That is why they like to work with businesses that have a mission and branding closely aligned to theirs. This is because such companies seem to be most efficient in capturing the attention of its members.