Nabors Industries Ltd Chairman, Anthony Petrello

Tony Petrello is one of those biggest names that come to my head when great people are mentioned. He is one of those people behind the progress of the great economy of the U.S although many people seem not to be knowing them. He has been on the frontline humbling himself for the development of the world’s economy through massive dedication to his skills and commitments. He happens to be on the list of the most highest paid CEOs in the United States. At his 62 years, he happens to be the acting chief executive officer and also the chairman of the famous Nabors Holdings Ltd. He is known to be a very hardworking CEO with great leadership skills.

Tony Petrello has been able to successfully generate in the industry and has made tremendous achievements in his journey. He has been on the frontline working so hard for creation of many jobs amongst the youth and his mission has been to help. He always loves achieving and his dreams are always great.

Tony Petrello came from very humble beginnings in Newark whereby people live cohesively amongst themselves. They are peaceful and loving people who always care about each other. Anthony Petrello learned a lot from his early life. He was a real mathematics genius while still in high school and had received so many awards because of the prowess he had in solving certain mathematical issues. He was really talented in mathematical subjects and had what it takes to be the person he is today.

Anthony Petrello’s dream was made a reality when he got a scholarship to study at the University of Yale after their discovered their ability to solve some complicated mathematical issues. He was introduced to a great professor, Author and a mathematician who started mentoring him right from day one. At the campus, he developed more passion for a career in mathematics and was lucky to graduate with both bachelors of science and masters from the same University.

Anthony Petrello after Yale University left to study law at one famous Havard University. Tony Petrello later got his degree and within a short time got a job at McKenzie and Baker LLC. It was one of the biggest law firms during those days and it was awesome for him. He worked for several years as a business lawyer until Nabors directors discovered his leadership skills.

Anthony Petrello: