Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Campaign Hits High Marks With Customers

Pittsburg Steelers fans who want to show their team pride will be excited to see the new lineup in apparel. The fashion line is a great way to show team spirit and to connect with other fans over the great looking apparel. Their director of strategic planning, Susan McGalla, alerted fans that the new clothes were up on their website and ready to order. So what have they added to this year’s lineup? Well, you can find Pandora charms, Nike shirts, Victoria’s Secret’s apparel, and much more.

Susan McGalla recently took over this position, in 2012, due to her expertise in branding. The Steelers was lucky to have her in such a pivotal role in their company. She really heard the female’s cry on the clothing line. Girls want pink, orange and any color other than black. Men are mostly okay with the black and yellow, but women need color. They are also giving away a Steelers-themed wardrobe to the lucky winner of the selfie contest. Fans just need to take a picture of themselves wearing the clothing and they could win big.

Who is McGalla? Well, she is a resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her hometown pride is just another reason why she is perfect for this job. Susan McGalla was the first woman to sit on the board of directors at American Eagle. She was a pioneer in the woman’s movement in holding high officers when it wasn’t acceptable. The East Liverpool, Ohio native is 52 years old and has been working in the apparel industry since 1993. With 23 years of experience e under her belt, there is no one better for the role.

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting and sits on the board of HFF Inc. McGalla often gives conferences to show other woman how to break out into the business world. She’s one of the few who has been able to be in the corporate world without being tarnished. Susan McGalla is a hard worker, dedicated to her positions, and is driven to succeed. Her latest line with the Pittsburgh Steelers is just proof that woman can be a driving force in a male dominated world.