Securus Technologies and the Battle on Contraband

Any type of contraband in the hands of the inmates of my jail is a bad mix. Each day me and my fellow corrections officers show up for work, we are putting our lives on the line. Add into that mix drugs and weapons, and we risk never being able to go home to our families again. This is not a risk me or my fellow officers are willing to take, so we have to work hard each day to stay ahead of the way inmates conduct themselves.


These inmates have nothing but all the time in the world, so they are constantly on the lookout for any weakness in the system that will reward them in the end. My officers have limited hours in the jail, and we have to be working in proactive mode all the time or these inmates can make a bad situation a deadly one. Inmates overdosing or taking the wrong drugs could put anyone in harm’s way, so we take this part of our job very serious.


Every morning, we do surprise cell inspections throughout the facility, and find all sorts of contraband. There are times we have discovered drugs inside letters the inmates receive, coating the paper and allowing inmates to eat their mail to get high. The one area we get the biggest results is monitoring the phones, and this month we got enhancements to that resource.


Securus Technologies installed the new monitoring system officers use to pay attention to inmate calls. The LBS software does the work of many officers, giving us the chance to be in multiple places at the same time. Once the system alerts my team of chatter concerning contraband, we take immediate action. Now we can strike fast so that this issue with contraband is back under our control again.