Sujit’s Passion in Law has gotten Him the International Recognition

Sujit Choudhry is the Director of the Centre for Constitutional Transitions. On 10th July, he became one of the constitutional experts who discussed the presidential system of the government of Ukraine, as well as constitutional challenges in the system. The workshop was hosted by the International Institute for Democracy and electorate assistance, intergovernmental organizations that support sustainable democracy all around the world, and also the center of policy and legal reforms. Mr. Choudhry was privileged to discuss the executive powers among the experts. He did not think that the democracy in Ukraine was stable because of the president’s concentrated power, the legislature electoral system and also the political parties that are incredibly weak.

The knowledgeable roundtable participants include Ukraine’s representative on Human Rights, a member of the constitutional commission of Ukraine and the president’s representative in the Supreme Court. Also, the representative of Centre for policy and policy, a former member of parliament and the president’s advisor were also participants in the discussions and their inputs were taken into great consideration. Additional article worth reading here.

Sujit Choudhry has lectured in various countries and also served as the constitutional process advisor in different parts of the world. During the discussion, Mr. Choudhry mentioned the wave of the involvement of transitional democracies in constitutional decision-making. He pointed out that it was important for the current leaders to collect and discuss policy based options that can support the constitutional reform process.  Keep updated with his latest work, check

Mr. Sujit Choudhry is a Professor of law at the University of California and Berkeley Law School. He is a famous Indian-American dean with great authority on comparative constitutional law. He attained his Masters in Law from the Harvard School of Law after getting his Bachelors in Law at the University of Oxford. For further reading, hop over to

His relationships and partnerships are strongly based on the rapport he creates due to his knowledge in law. He has made a great name for himself internationally. He also has a lot of experience in the constitutional building process and has served as an advisor in various countries such as Nepal, Libya, Egypt, Sri Lanka and South Africa among many others. Read more about his advisory works on

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