Tony Petrello- A Legacy Of Success

Over the years, Tony Petrello has endeavored to achieve success in his life. He strive and persevere in his schoolwork as a young man in NJ. Over the years, Tony’s work ethic was demonstrated at any position he obtained. Petrello manifested the same level of success with his philanthropic efforts toward charities.

His Beginnings
Tony is proud to call Newark, New Jersey home; Tony wasn’t born into a life of . During his younger days, Tony put in the hours to understand difficult subjects in school. Mathematics captured Tony’s interest and he was able to advance in the subject. While at Yale, Tony earned two degrees in mathematics as well as awards. He was offered a full scholarship to attend Yale University, because of his academic success in school. Ater Yale, Tony made a strategic move with attending Harvard Law School instead of pursuing a career in mathematics. Tony Earned prestigious degree with a Juris doctorate from Harvard Law School.

His Career
Petrello joined Baker & Mckenzie Law Firm which practices corporate law; Tony advanced to managing partner after a few years. Eugene Isenberg, CEO of Nabors Industries was quite impressed with the success Tony had achieved as a corporate lawyer; Isenberg heavily recruited Tony to join Nabors Industries as president. In 1991, Petrello made the shift from corporate law to business executive with Nabor Industries. Nabors Industries is world renown oil drilling company with 500 rigs in over 26 countries. Petrello and Isenberg worked closely together for 20 years; Isenberg had every confidence at his retirement, that Petrello would be the best replacement. Petrello was appointment by the board of directors as Isenberg’s replacement.

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His Philanthropy
Tony Petrello and wife Cynthia have donated millions of dollars to charities around the world; they are fortunate in that regard. The Petrello’s daughter Carena was born with a severe neurological disorder; The Petrello’s funded a charity to help defeat this devastating condition. They donated millions to fund this worthy cause affect many premature infants. The Petrello’s partnered with Dan & Jan Duncan who donated 50 million for the infant neurological research.

Tony Petrello endeavored to honor his collegiate mentor Serge Lang from Yale; Petrello donated 150,000 dollars in memory of his close friend.

Tony Petrello was determined to let nothing stop his quest for success, whether in academics, career or philanthropy. Tony has made his life about achievement in all he does.

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